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My Passion for Digital Marketing

My marketing career started in 2006 with Vinyl Interactive, an online marketing firm focused on performance marketing with clients in several industries, including higher education. In the many years I was with this company, I worked in all aspects of their marketing and had huge success growing their business.

After 12 years in San Francisco, my family and I relocated back to my home state of Colorado. In 2015, I found success with a start-up in the e-commerce space.  I developed the roadmap to restructure their foundation and build their online channels, I redesigned their websites, improved their SEO presence, updated their CRM, and developed new marketing channels.

Most recently, I have been working with small businesses to help build and implement their marketing strategies. I take a data based approach, I ensure each component of the marketing mix will make a direct impact to produce the biggest results.

Please check out more of my work history here, or send me an email below.  


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